Inspire Dance Santa Barbara
El Mercado Center
4141 State Street Suite F-6
Santa Barbara, Ca. 93110

Inspire Dance Santa Barbara (IDSB) is a Non-Profit 501 (c)(3) Youth Dance Program that provides technique, training and performance opportunities for young boys and girls aged 5-18+. IDSB provides a strong Community Engagement Program with the Santa Barbara Public Libraries and Schools to enrich the young arts community and expose all generations to the discipline and beauty of dance.

Inspire Dance Arts Blog

Article on Emmy Lou Crawford

ARTICLE BY JEFF WING LIGHTS, CAMERA, CRAWFORD “There was a time when your teacher of classical dance and your teacher of classical piano were of a like taxonomy, so to speak. If you are a person of a certain age today, you may remember with a shiver the dour, cloaked figure with the untraceable Eastern-European

Why Cecchetti Ballet?

Enrico Cecchetti (pronounced ‘checkétty’) was the greatest dancer and pedagogue of his time, truly the Baryshnikov of his day. Cecchetti was born and died in Italy (1850-1928). The Cecchetti Method is one of the great dance training methods of today and it is taught around the globe. At Inspire Dance Santa Barbara: The dance training

Stretches to Improve Pointe Range

Lisa Howell leading expert on all things Ballet! The Ballet Blog – www.theballetblog.com Read the Perfect Pointe Book! Advice from Lisa Howell on Stretches to Improve Pointe Range! Dear Lisa, Would you happen to have any foot stretches that I can use to improve my pointe? I know about the golf ball massage but that

Dance History 101

How It All Began The first type of ballet started during the Renaissance time, in Italy, around the 1400’s.    The French adopted ballet and made further development in the late 1400’s.   French ballet had minimum plot because of rich costumes, scenery, and elaborate effects.   Court ballets reached their ending point in 1643-1715

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