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Dance History 101

How It All Began

  • The first type of ballet started during the Renaissance time, in Italy, around the 1400’s.


  •  The French adopted ballet and made further development in the late 1400’s.


  • French ballet had minimum plot because of rich costumes, scenery, and elaborate effects.


  • Court ballets reached their ending point in 1643-1715 because of King Louis XIV staring in his ballet as the Sun King.


  •  In 1661 King Louis XIV established a professional dance registration for what he called “Dancing Masters”. That was the start of pro- dancers.


  • The first female dancers started in 1681. They wore hoop skirts, headdress, and tons of make-up. Men wore a knee length hoopskirt, or called a tonnlet. 


  • Romantic ballet started in Paris in 1832.

Source: Dance 101 – Weebly.com

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