Inspire Dance Santa Barbara
El Mercado Center
4141 State Street Suite F-6
Santa Barbara, Ca. 93110


Students must attend class in the proper attire. No jewelry or watches are to be worn during class.
Everything can be purchased online at Discount Dance Supply (see links below) and will be available soon at Harlequins.

For Females:

All ballet students must wear pink tights and pink leather ballet slippers. Hair is to be worn in a bun. Short hair pulled back.
Ballet Slippers: Bloch “Prolite II Hybrid” Leather Split-Sole Ballet Slippers (Children Sizes, Adult Sizes)
Tights: Baby & Me, Combo-Ballet, Primary (Capezio #14C, Ballet Pink), Grade 1 & up (Capezio #9C/9, Classical Pink, Children Sizes, Adult Sizes)
*Pointe Shoes: Pointe shoe fittings should have a teacher in attendance until 2 years of pointe work have been completed and a brand has been established for the dancer’s particular foot.
Our new studio leotard will be Mirella Aspire number M201C/M201L (Children Sizes, Adult Sizes). All dancers Grade 1 and up should also have a black camisole leotard in addition to their Grade color.
Baby & Me/Combo-Ballet/Tap Classes: Pink leotard
Primary: Light Blue leotard
Standard/Grade 1: White leotard
Standard/Grade 2: Royal Blue leotard
Standard/Grade 3: Lilac leotard
Standard/Grade 4-7: Burgundy leotard
Grade 8 & up/Adult Ballet: Black/Any color leotard
Progressive Ballet Technique: Black leotard

For Males:

Black or grey shorts or tights, fitted white tee shirt, black or white leather ballet slippers. Hair must be kept pulled back and off of the face.
For Tap, Modern,Contemporary/Lyrical, Jazz, Hip Hop, and Musical Theater classes: Fitted dance attire including black jazz pants or shorts, and a fitted tank top or tee shirt, with dance shoes as appropriate for the dance style. Modesty is to be observed-no crop tops or excessively small shorts.

Welcome to Inspire Dance Santa Barbara School of Technique and Performing Arts! We are so very happy to have you join our community and look forward to sharing the beauty and joy of dance with you. We strive to provide a positive, well balanced and focused environment for each student at our school and so we must follow a few guidelines to maintain these standards.


Monthly tuition is due on the 1st of the month (invoices are mailed through Paypal with a 3% processing fee. If paying by check exclude the 3 % processing fee). After the 5th of each month, a $15 late fee will be assessed. There is a $25 fee for returned checks. No credits, refunds, or adjustments will be given for missed lessons, however, students are encouraged to attend a make up class in one level above or below their own.
Annual Registration fee is $35/per family

Single class rate (pay at time of lesson): $20 per class


Please arrive 5-10 minutes prior to the start of class and change into proper shoes and attire. Being focused at the start of class is key to success.


Instructors will take attendance as dancers enter the studio. If your dancer is not listed on the instructor’s roster as enrolled or attending a make-up class, the instructor will have you contact the office to resolve the situation.

Late Policy

Dancers who arrive more than 10 minutes late will not be permitted to attend class but may watch the remainder of the class time. You may schedule a make-up class with the office.


NO food, drinks (other than bottled water), cell phones, or electronic devices are allowed in the studios.


For the health of everyone, PLEASE do not attend class when sick (your dancer can make up any missed classes when feeling better).

Make-up Policy

You may make up a missed class by attending a comparable, age-appropriate class at any time during your active enrollment in the school. Please pre-schedule a make-up class by contacting the office. Our faculty will keep track of missed classes and available make-ups. If you cancel your enrollment, all remaining make-ups are forfeited. Credits, refunds, or extensions will not be granted.

Baby and Me: Young children learn by doing. Baby & Me dance classes promote active involvement in listening, moving, and mastering a wealth of skills and concepts as they enjoy the rhythms and creative movement they express. Dance nurtures the imaginative process and encourages creative problem solving.

Tap/Combo: Our Tap/Combo classes are designed to begin with what each child knows about rhythm and natural movement and enhance that knowledge in new ways (on different levels, or in different directions). New rhythms and movement are introduced with the new vocabulary (walking time, lunge, glide) to develop a deeper understanding of how the body works, and is done with props and imagery to increase learning. Gradually the child is guided to put short movement phrases and tap steps together with new awareness to rhythms and tempos. Circle dances, variations in shapes, levels, and leaps are performed to develop flow of movement and spatial awareness.

Primary & Standard 1: These classes are designed to prepare the young student for the world of dance with an introduction to achieving inner goals that progress at the child’s own pace of physical and emotional development. They learn beginning dance vocabulary, positions of the feet, and basic balletic exercises that enhance the work done with the early Tap/Combo and Baby and Me classes. They build strength and stamina through the repetition of movement designed to build the body safely and without stress.

Grades 1 through 10 : Inspire Dance Santa Barbara teachers are trained and certified in either Cecchetti or Royal Academy of Dance ballet techniques (or both) and teach through a guided syllabus that builds the students movement abilities while considering the child’s physical and psychological growth. Both Syllabi progress systematically in order to build strength and artistry. As the steps are introduced the child learns the language, some history and anatomical understanding of the work while practicing and repeating the movements. These syllabi are designed to develop students to individually reach their full potential in dance, whether they have recreational or professional goals.

Exams: The exam process is a culmination of the work done over many months in grades Primary through Grade 10, and represents a portion of what your child will have accomplished during the year. These examinations are designed to give students and instructors of either method a greater sense of purpose while insuring that each level has been successfully accomplished.

Lyrical/Contemporary: Lyrical dance is a style created from the fusion of ballet with jazz and contemporary dance techniques. It is performed to music with lyrics to inspire movements to express strong emotions. Lyrical dance brings out the individuals personality and style and allows for expressiveness in movement rather than the precision of movement. This style is important to all dancers because it allows the body to move, the soul to soar, and the dancer to just have fun!!!

Progressive Ballet Technique NEW!!!: This is a private session with Ms. Sean Lynn Crawford to further the dancers core strength and muscle memory. Half hour sessions on Saturday mornings. Equipment provided – Yoga Ball, Fusion Ball, Thera-band and Floor mat.

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Fall Session Begins September 7th 2021  to December 17th, 2021

Annual Registration Fee is $ 35.00 once a year applied at enrollment per family.

Tuition Payment is divided into convenient monthly payments over nine months starting September 1st, 2021 and last tuition payment on June 1st, 2022.

Single Class Rate – $ 20.00

Single Class Rate Student/Senior Discount – $ 18.00

1 class/a week – Baby & Me Dance : $56.00/month

1 class/a week – Ballet/Tap Combo : $56.00/month

1 class/a week – * Performing Group : $60.00/month

* Performing Group (Additional fees for Costume and Production due by 9/30/21)

1 class/week – Lyrical/Teen/Adult Ballet/Tap: $64.00/month

1 class/week – Primary Technique : $64.00/month

2 classes/week – St. 1/Gr. 1/ Gr. 2 Technique : $128.00/month

3 classes/week – Grade 3 Technique : $192.00/month

4 classes/week – Grade 4 Technique : $256.00/month

5 classes/week – Grade 5 Technique : $320.00/month

Additional Classes above 5 classes a week add $ 40.00 a month

Sibling Discount – 10% Military Discount – 10%

1 Hour Private Lesson: $70.00

30 Minute Private Lesson: $35.00

(Private lesson one time choreography fee paid directly to teacher: $60 for set variations, competitions, and auditions)

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