Inspire Dance Santa Barbara
El Mercado Center
4141 State Street Suite F-6
Santa Barbara, Ca. 93110
Students must attend class in the proper attire. No jewelry or watches are to be worn during class.
Everything can be purchased online at Discount Dance Supply (see links below) and will be available soon at Harlequins.

For Females:

All ballet students must wear pink tights and pink leather ballet slippers. Hair is to be worn in a bun. Short hair pulled back.
Ballet Slippers: Bloch “Prolite II Hybrid” Leather Split-Sole Ballet Slippers (Children Sizes, Adult Sizes)
Tights: Baby & Me, Combo-Ballet, Primary (Capezio #14C, Ballet Pink), Grade 1 & up (Capezio #9C/9, Classical Pink, Children Sizes, Adult Sizes)
*Pointe Shoes: Pointe shoe fittings should have a teacher in attendance until 2 years of pointe work have been completed and a brand has been established for the dancer’s particular foot.
Our new studio leotard will be Mirella Aspire number M201C/M201L (Children Sizes, Adult Sizes). All dancers Grade 1 and up should also have a black camisole leotard in addition to their Grade color.
Baby & Me/Combo-Ballet/Tap Classes: Pink leotard/Skirt/Dress
Primary: Light Blue leotard
Standard/Grade 1: White leotard
Standard/Grade 2: White leotard
Standard/Grade 3: Lilac leotard
Standard/Grade 4-7: Burgundy leotard
Grade 8 & up/Adult Ballet: Black/Any color leotard
Progressive Ballet Technique: Black leotard

For Males:

Black or grey shorts or tights, fitted white tee shirt, black or white leather ballet slippers. Hair must be kept pulled back and off of the face.
For Tap, Modern,Contemporary/Lyrical, Jazz, Hip Hop, and Musical Theater classes: Fitted dance attire including black jazz pants or shorts, and a fitted tank top or tee shirt, with dance shoes as appropriate for the dance style. Modesty is to be observed-no crop tops or excessively small shorts.
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