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El Mercado Center
4141 State Street Suite F-6
Santa Barbara, Ca. 93110

Goleta Library Outreach Performances 2023!!!

Bring your little one to wiggle, jump and sway to music and nursery rhymes! Sean Lynn Crawford from Inspire Dance Santa Barbara will lead fun movements to help your child develop coordination and experience the joy of music and dancing. Best for ages 1-4.

Peforming Opportunities for Ages 5+ 2022-23

Why should my child join performing group?

IDSB Performing Groups are a team who train together, learn together, perform together, and have fun together!

Being in IDSB Performing Group:

  • Teaches students teamwork and cooperation
  • Fosters creative thinking and creative problem solving
  • Develops poise, self confidence, and grace under pressure
  • Demonstrates the direct connection between study, hard work, and high levels of achievement
  • Students receive a strong foundation in their performing arts education!

What is the time commitment for performing group members?

Performing group members take their weekly performing class in addition to their required technique classes which vary according to age and level. Additionally, performing groups perform approximately 4-7 times per dance season. Each performance has it’s own dress rehearsal and rehearsal times vary according to the performance venue.
Request Information via Email: info@inspiredancesb.com

Where will we be performing

  • Additional performances may be scheduled at the discretion of the Director. Past performances have taken place at La Cumbre Plaza, Camino Real Market, Santa Barbara Fair & Expo, and Local Schools.

What are the expected costs for performing group?

  • Performing group class tuition is computed as part of your regular family tuition and is paid on a monthly basis of $ 60.00 1 class/week. See breakdown below.
  • Ballet performing groups pay a production fee and costume fee to Inspire Dance SB for Costume Rental, Theater Rental, Dance Floors, Sets and Lighting costs in the amount of

Performing Group Tuition………..Is currently included in class tuition for Primary to Grade 1

Performing Group Tuition – $ 60.00 a month for 4 months September to December
Total Cost for Performing Group ( 2 performances + Theater Cost)   – $ 240.00 for 4 months and a Costume Cleaning fee!
Performing fee includes:

  • Choreography/Class expenses
  • Purchase and editing of music for each dance
  • Rehearsals for each performance. See calendar.
  • Participation in all scheduled performances
  • Additional expenses incurred by the studio to produce each of these performing group opportunities
  • Additional costs may include shoes, tights, makeup, and additional costumes or props needed for the production.
  • We are working to eventually create a team warm up set at a reasonable cost. Please inquire if you are interested in volunteering heading this project.

What else do I need to know?

A Positive Attitude and Team Effort! Inspire Dance SB expects all performing class students to make their performing group their PRIORITY in their extra curricular activities. Birthday parties, play dates, and other social activities should be scheduled around performing group commitments. When one person is absent, the entire group is affected.
Performing group is fun! The dancers in your child’s group become his/her extended family as they spend many hours together dancing, laughing, and creating lifelong memories. We look forward to having you join us in this exciting dance program! Still have questions?

Call us: (805) 770-5295

Email: info@inspiredancesb.com

Artisitic Directors emails:

Sean Lynn Crawford —- scrawford.inspiredancearts@gmail.com

Emmy Lou Crawford —- ecrawford.inspiredancearts@gmail.com

Performance Group Guidelines

Inspire Dance SB provides an opportunity for students to develop discipline, responsibility, self-confidence and co-operation in a professional environment. Parents and dancers must have a full understanding of their obligations to their PERFORMING GROUP. Please read the following rules carefully before returning your signed contract to us. Please retain the rules and guidelines for future reference.

COSTUMES: Costumes must be kept in good repair and stored properly. We will do our best to keep costumes at a reasonable price. They are custom made and measured to the individual.

PERFORMANCES: Dancers are expected to attend all rehearsals, performances, competitions and performing group events and give their best effort. Please notify the director in writing as far in advance as possible if you are going to miss a rehearsal or performance. Remember, being in a performing class is being on a team – if one per-son is missing it will affect the entire group.

CALENDAR UPDATES: Information is sent via email or website calendar. Please call the office (805)770-5295 or send requests to info@inspiredancesb.com.


Ballet Performing Groups ages 5 1/2 to Primary Level must take a Minimum of 1 (flat) technique class/week. Grade 1 and Up must take a Minimum of 2 (flat) ballet technique classes/week.

STUDENT BEHAVIOR: Students are expected to show respectful behavior to their team mates, teachers, and production volunteers. Students are to keep a positive attitude throughout all classes and rehearsals. If students wonder why one dancer is chosen over another for a particular role the student should direct their question to the teacher. The correct way of asking about this subject is: “what area do I need to improve in order to be placed in these particular parts?” If necessary, a parent may make an appointment with the director.

Students may be dropped from performing classes for:

  • poor attendance in performing class,
  • poor attendance in technique class
  • not working to full potential in all classes
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